Home Additions

Expanding Your Living Space

Building a home addition is a big decision and a major undertaking. If you like your location but need more living space, a home addition is the best choice you can make. Without the hassle of packing and moving, you can get the home you need in a more cost-effective manner.

Adding an addition to your home, can be anything from a sunroom, garage, second story or any other structure that expands your living space. However, additions need careful planning so that it fits with the rest of the house. This type of project is well suited for a design build project so that you can work with one person to get the design and construction done effectively.

Adding a Second Story to a Sprawling Ranch

When you have a nice piece of land overlooking a lake but a small ranch built into the hillside, the best thing to do is to expand your footprint to gain more living space. In the following home addition example, the original house was built into the side of a hill, with a wonderful sun room overlooking their property. With the addition of a second story, we added more living space but still kept the contour with the land.

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