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Kitchen Remodeling

Are you looking for a fresh kitchen makeover? Whether you have a small kitchen that would benefit from some reorganization or some additional room that can be used to expand into the kitchen of your dreams, we can help you with the kitchen remodeling project that turns your kitchen into an efficient, spacious and practical room.

Kitchens have many options that need to work together to make the busiest room in the house functional but beautiful. Choosing cabinets, flooring, appliances, lighting, counter tops and islands can be overwhelming but we have the experience to help you select the right components for your space and tastes while staying within the budget you desire.

Kitchen Remodeling – Before and After

The following are the before images of a kitchen we remodeled. Note how the original kitchen had a lot of empty space that could be utilized better with cabinets that provided more storage space.

The completed kitchen renovation took that space and made better use of it. Natural wood cabinets are richly toned and provide a nice contrast to the black granite counter tops. New built in appliances completed the look this homeowner was searching for.

Kitchen Remodel – Example 2

This new kitchen took advantage of a counter top that included the cherry of the rich wood cabinets in the marble pattern. Stainless appliances completed the look this homeowner wanted to achieve.

Now that you’ve seen some of our work, contact us to start your kitchen remodeling project.